Disneyworld Part 2

This was definitely the day for pictures! I took so many that it was hard to narrow them down. But here are some blurry highlights from a magical day at the Magic Kingdom. My I-phone wasn’t the best for the pictures I wanted to capture, but you can catch the drift of the loveliness 🙂

Apparently Molly was cold because she tried pulling on her sweater all by herself. Also, this is when we entered the park and she had already taken off a shoe. 🙂 I love herrrr

^Repunzels tower!

^Aurora’s famous castle!

^The Beast’s castle

^Prince Eric’s castle

^Molly LOVED the Little Mermaid ride. She was giggling and clapping the whole time

^We got VERY wet on Splash Mountain. Sitting in the front will do that to ya!

^Eating churros while watching for the parade to come by.


^While sitting and waiting for the parade, Cinderellas carriage went by! I am really looking forward to this movie, it looks so beautiful. It was so exciting to see the gorgeous carriage used in the movie.

IMG_3416 IMG_3447 IMG_3455 IMG_3463 IMG_3474IMG_3532 IMG_3478 IMG_3501 IMG_3518
^We left the park on the ferry, the perfect way to say goodbye to a magical day ❤


Disneyworld Part 1

Our first Disneyworld stop was EPCOT! My favorite part of the day was traveling around the world. We stopped in China to see the Terracotta Warriors, got divine caramel popcorn in Germany, ate a delicious dinner in France, and even spotted Aurora from Sleeping Beauty!
A few other highlights from the day were piloting a spaceship to Mars and designing my own race-car which ranked first place in speed… It was quite the adventurous day!
IMG_3088 IMG_3097
My beautiful new car… I wish!!
IMG_3126 IMG_3136
China was a blast as always! We all wore matching leggings this day from springbrightfashion.com ! We got so many compliments on them 🙂
IMG_3141 IMG_3147 IMG_3158 IMG_3177 IMG_3185 IMG_3216IMG_3217
Sweet little Molly LOVED the aquarium which was connected to the Finding Nemo ride! She cried when we had to leave.

Thank you Epcot! These memories are irreplaceable! ❤

The Beauty

I went to Disneyworld for the very first time with my brother and sister and niece to begin the new year. I already loved Disneyland, so there wasn’t any doubt I would love a bigger version of it. 😉
I got so many AMAZING pictures of the stunning Disney princesses while there! Oh they are gorgeous, adding the perfect sparkle to such a magical world. I was planning on posting all the pictures I got all at once, but there are just way too many. So to debut my Disneyworld adventure throw-back, here is my very favorite princess of all the Disney princesses… Belle!
IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3431 IMG_3437

The Prettiest Sight

I love the Salt Lake Temple. It is one of the prettiest sights in the entire world to me. Especially at Christmas time when the lights cover the trees and everything glows. It is truly magical, and there are few other things that makes it feel so much like Christmas.
On Sunday I went on a date to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. When we walked outside after the concert was over, big snowflakes were gliding through the air as if welcoming in Christmas. It was wonderful.
“When we keep the spirit of Christmas, we keep the spirit of Christ, for the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ.” ~President Thomas S. Monson

FullSizeRender (2)

Merry Christmas my friends

A Cozy Sweater for a Perfect Date at the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

I am going through a little obsession with H&M right now. There are so many options there that look AMAZING with Spring Bright leggings. My favorite thing about H&M, though, is that I can go spend $10 on an adorable new sweater when I need something new to wear on a date. For some reason a new sweater makes me feel so much more confident and excited for a date. In this case I was about to go on a second date with the cutest guy I’ve ever met and needed something to feel adorable in. I made a quick H&M run and got a steal of a deal on a white cable knit sweater which was only $10. How much more perfect is that? It is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. I wear it way too much, but I don’t even care. It is so comfortable. It is the perfect date sweater too, because it is thick enough to justify not wearing a coat, warm enough in case the boy you are with isn’t a gentleman, and cozy enough to make a gentleman think about offering you his coat. And what’s better than that?

Christmas Wishes

Missing you - crystal buttoned quilted cashmere coat (Y1225)
Can I just say… I LOVE this coat (and no, I did not make it). I “favorited” it and so now I see it every time I get on Etsy. I adore the neck, the buttons, and the petal hem. It would look FABULOUS with these Evergreen Christmas Leggings from Spring Bright.

Buy these items at these links:
Coat: https://www.etsy.com/listing/112920869/missing-you-crystal-buttoned-quilted?ref=hp_mod_rf
Leggings: http://springbrightfashion.com/patterned-leggings/evergreen-christmas-leggings

Happy Holidays!

A Perfect Christmas Skirt

A Christmas Romance 3

Today I made a skirt which I named “A Christmas Romance.” You can view it here…
I had a fun time designing and sewing this skirt, and am excited that it is now available for purchase!!! It is so elegantly beautiful. It will be my go-to piece this holiday season.
Last night I watched my very favorite movie ever, White Christmas. I adore the style of the movie. All of Vera Ellens clothes in that movie I would wear in a heartbeat, if only we still wore dresses and looked so classy from day to day. Oh how times have changed. I think, though, that the skirt I designed today could definitely have been seen on Vera Ellen with just a bit longer of a hem-line. I love watching pieces of past fashion statements come back in style.
A Christmas Romance Skirt

A Mystic Woodland

The Woodland Skirt
I can’t believe there STILL isn’t snow on the grounds. This fall has lasted so long, and I love it. It looks so beautiful. As much as I am looking forward to the white snow covered trees and sledding, I am happy with this weather for as long as possible. Today I wore the Woodland Skirt from Spring Bright that I designed. I adore the fabric of this skirt. Fabric is everything. It can make or break a design, that’s for sure. In this case I took an extremely simple design of a skirt and the fabric made it fabulous. The golds and greys and blues in the skirt really make it stunning.

The petal skirt meets with two pleats at the front. There are no additional seams to the skirt keeping the lines of the fabric flawless. It is simply one cut of fabric. There is a waist band with a pocket in the inside back of the band, which I love.
Also, a shout-out to My Kind of Wonderful Photography for taking these stunning photos.

IMG_2507-Edit-2 (1)Spring Bright does custom sizing for no extra charge. Simply put in your measurements in the notes at checkout and get a skirt specifically made just to fit you.
Happy Shopping!

Silver and Gold

Yesterday and today I got paid to decorate for Christmas (I love my job!!!). Presenting my favorite tree:
This was in an office located in a sky rise at City Creek Mall. I love the silver and golds on this tree. The light colors really pop against the green of the tree. It makes a sparkling statement.
Christmas Tree BulbsIMG_1888

On another note, I was watching Santa Clause 2 with my roommate last night and have decided I need to marry Santa Clause. I really do think he is my “soul mate”, if soul mates actually did exist… I told my roommate this and she said old men don’t appeal to her…
I’m totally in the Christmas mood.

It’s the Holiday Season!

It’s the Holiday Season…
So I just spent the whole day decorating for Christmas of course! I am now here snuggled on my chase lounge in my Spring Bright sweater leggings in a tree-lit room. I love how sparkly the tree is at night, when the lights are reflecting on the ornaments and it all glistens. It is such a peaceful sight. All I’m missing is some hot chocolate… I’ll be back.;)

This year my roommates and I decorated our tree with red, white, gold and silver. I will take daylight pictures some other time, but for now these sparkly and slightly blurry pictures can give you a glimpse of the beauty I’m looking at right now. Today I came home to a town home that smelled like pine. LOVE. Real tree= worth it.

christmas leggings