A Mystic Woodland

The Woodland Skirt
I can’t believe there STILL isn’t snow on the grounds. This fall has lasted so long, and I love it. It looks so beautiful. As much as I am looking forward to the white snow covered trees and sledding, I am happy with this weather for as long as possible. Today I wore the Woodland Skirt from Spring Bright that I designed. I adore the fabric of this skirt. Fabric is everything. It can make or break a design, that’s for sure. In this case I took an extremely simple design of a skirt and the fabric made it fabulous. The golds and greys and blues in the skirt really make it stunning.

The petal skirt meets with two pleats at the front. There are no additional seams to the skirt keeping the lines of the fabric flawless. It is simply one cut of fabric. There is a waist band with a pocket in the inside back of the band, which I love.
Also, a shout-out to My Kind of Wonderful Photography for taking these stunning photos.

IMG_2507-Edit-2 (1)Spring Bright does custom sizing for no extra charge. Simply put in your measurements in the notes at checkout and get a skirt specifically made just to fit you.
Happy Shopping!


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