A Cozy Sweater for a Perfect Date at the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

I am going through a little obsession with H&M right now. There are so many options there that look AMAZING with Spring Bright leggings. My favorite thing about H&M, though, is that I can go spend $10 on an adorable new sweater when I need something new to wear on a date. For some reason a new sweater makes me feel so much more confident and excited for a date. In this case I was about to go on a second date with the cutest guy I’ve ever met and needed something to feel adorable in. I made a quick H&M run and got a steal of a deal on a white cable knit sweater which was only $10. How much more perfect is that? It is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. I wear it way too much, but I don’t even care. It is so comfortable. It is the perfect date sweater too, because it is thick enough to justify not wearing a coat, warm enough in case the boy you are with isn’t a gentleman, and cozy enough to make a gentleman think about offering you his coat. And what’s better than that?


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