Disneyworld Part 2

This was definitely the day for pictures! I took so many that it was hard to narrow them down. But here are some blurry highlights from a magical day at the Magic Kingdom. My I-phone wasn’t the best for the pictures I wanted to capture, but you can catch the drift of the loveliness 🙂

Apparently Molly was cold because she tried pulling on her sweater all by herself. Also, this is when we entered the park and she had already taken off a shoe. 🙂 I love herrrr

^Repunzels tower!

^Aurora’s famous castle!

^The Beast’s castle

^Prince Eric’s castle

^Molly LOVED the Little Mermaid ride. She was giggling and clapping the whole time

^We got VERY wet on Splash Mountain. Sitting in the front will do that to ya!

^Eating churros while watching for the parade to come by.


^While sitting and waiting for the parade, Cinderellas carriage went by! I am really looking forward to this movie, it looks so beautiful. It was so exciting to see the gorgeous carriage used in the movie.

IMG_3416 IMG_3447 IMG_3455 IMG_3463 IMG_3474IMG_3532 IMG_3478 IMG_3501 IMG_3518
^We left the park on the ferry, the perfect way to say goodbye to a magical day ❤


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