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A Barn Yard Wedding

This wedding happened this past summer, but I stumbled across the pictures this morning and wanted to share.
Definitely one of my favorite weddings ever, this wedding was held in a Utah canyon on a private farm. The ceremony took place by a pond with perfectly placed swans floating around, and the reception was held by the barn. The wedding dinner is one of my most memorable. The long table trailed through the barn between the horse stables (that were immaculately cleaned out), and set with the perfect table arrangements. Simple, soft, and elegant. This was definitely my favorite part of the day. The guests then went out to the gazebo and finished the night with dancing. I love the Chinese Lanterns decorating the gazebo. This look, if done right, can be adorable.
Tips to not making the “Chinese Lantern” look crafty:
Different sizes of lanterns. Get the really big ones and the small ones with sizes in between.
High Ceilings. It helps if you are hanging them from a high ceiling allowing for the lanterns to give the right dimension rather than making a space feel closed off.
I also like the clustered look better than a patterned look. However, if you are hanging them on bistro lights (love that look) I would make sure to do them evenly spaced and the sizes somewhat evenly set.
Another thing I loved about this wedding is that it was very subtle and elegant country. The venue was, of course, a perfect country setting, so the decorations didn’t need to scream country to make the theme known. I loved the subtle touches of the horseshoes, burlap, and hay bales, but for the most part the country theme came out in the environment, not the decorations. It kept it really elegant and classy.
The venue was the perfect setting of a majestic barn set against a backdrop of a field of horses, rolling hills, and red rock mountains. Definitely a sight to remember.
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